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NFT Tools | 10 Best Tools to Track New and Trending NFT Projects 2022

NFT has given the world a new concept of digital ownership within the last decade. It creates enthusiasm among digital artwork creators. Besides the creators, traders who work on the flipping technique have also found a new gateway to getting overnight fame and wealth. The NFT craze is getting slow. With each passing day, people are investing more and considering it a get-rich-quick scheme by considering highly-priced NFTs. Like Beeple’s NFT 5000 days sold for about $69 million. Which attracts many eyes to this digital art. Besides Beeple’s art, many other digital artworks fetch a high price, e.g., the Punk series and Ape series. so let’s Discuss NFT Tools today.

Table of Contents:

  1. OpenSea
  2. NFT evening
  3. Upcoming NFT
  4. Moby
  5. Rarity Sniffer
  7. NFT Stats
  8. Cryptoslam
  9. Dappradar
  10. Coin Rivet

Why is it so pricy?

The real reason behind this high price is the rarety. Less in stock with high demand ultimately will get more price in the market. The same is the case with NFT. each piece of artwork is unique, but if the uniqueness is higher with huge hype, it is most probable that the piece will fetch more eyes and a high price.

How to know about rarity?

Even if thousands of artwork are in a series, rarity is not the same for all. It varies with each artwork. Like there are about 10,000 different artworks present in the crypto punk series. They are divided into the class of five, i.e., Alien, Ape, Female, Male, and Zombie.

Among these classes, the Alien class has only 9 artworks, which are the rarest. On the other hand, Male is the most populated and densified class. It owns about 6,039 various artwork. As prior discussed, the lesser in stock higher will be the price. You can judge that the Alien class will earn more profit relatively than all other classes. It is the way to calculate the rarity.

How to track the new and trending NFT projects?

It is nearly impossible for you to track all of the series manually. A difficulty arose in the case when you were unaware of new projects. Here the tool comes into play. They help a lot to track new and trending NFT projects. You can get enriched information with a few clicks on these tools. Read this article till the end to find a great list of the best NFT tracking tools with great specifications.

Best NFT tools

Here are the 10 best NFT tools that will play a great role in enhancing your income stream and updated information. Check out for the best.

1. OpenSea – NFT Tool

opensea top nft
opensea top nft tools

The OpenSea is the famous NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade NFT. Besides a famous marketplace, it is an amazing site to track the trending, new, and upcoming projects. It also makes you enable about your investments and how you can improve your investments.

It has created a robust ecosystem with all shops and data on a single page. Such a robust system makes it easy to find new and trending projects. When you visit the main page, you can see the statistics page, enabling you to find various NFT projects’ rankings. You can check it in various ways, e.g., type of blockchain and 9 different art categories. It is among the best tool to track, as many projects are listed here. 

2. NFT evening

nft evening tools
nft evening tools

The NFT evening is a famous NFT news site. This site fetches about 1.2 Million monthly organic traffic on its page. It covers all of the NFT information from the whole ecosystem about the various categories, i.e., digital art, gaming, collection, music, and many other fields.

Its calendar section provides information about the upcoming NFT artworks. You can find the information on all NFT’s projects. Interestingly, on this site, all of the illustrations are portrayed humorously. Anyone who visits this site will find a great combination of interesting and updated information and fun. It also allows you to tell the world about your NFT project. It will help a lot to get a boom before the auction day. In short, an amazing informational and fun place related to NFT projects.

3. Upcoming NFT

upcomming nft
upcomming nft tools

Upcoming NFT is another famous place; never miss a new and trending NFT project. It is among the best tools which provide information about upcoming projects. Besides the projects, you can fetch information about the drops, events, auctions, and giveaways.

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Besides the information, it also enables one to get overnight fame. It invites freely to create to tell the world about your upcoming projects. In this way, it helps a lot to art enthuestics. It also provides real-time data about the project to get a deep inside of any project.

4. Moby

moby nft tool
moby nft tool

This tool; Moby is another amazing and the best tool to detect new and trending NFT projects. It only shows the statics. To get deep inside, you have to buy the premium package. However, this is not much famous site for detecting upcoming projects. But it is a great way to find.

The main page of the site shows the stats. The amazing thing about Moby is the real-time project description. You can get up-to-date stats within a short window of time. It will enable you to track the new and trending NFT projects. It also allows access to the historical collection data.

5. Rarity Sniffer

rarity sniffer

Rarity sniffer is one of the best tools to detect and track the trending NFT projects. It shows the statistics of various projects. If you plan to buy an NFT, it is most important that you know about the rarity. A rarity sniffer is the best way to know about the rarity of an NFT.

The rarity sniffer tool revealed the rarity score of an NFT. Besides the rarity score, the top of the webpage tells ones about the most trending project. It also helps to know about the upcoming NFT project. Besides the project, it also enables one to provide complete information about the project, e.g., social media contacts. The blog section helps beginners know how to start and become successful traders.


nft stats
nft stats tools is a platform that aims “ cryptocurrency in every wallet.” it also helps promote everything, which will speed up the WEB 3.0 revolution. It is one of the best tools to provide all necessary information about the trending NFT project. It provides complete information regarding the price and the volume.

On visiting the website, you will find the list of top NFT collections. By looking at the list, you will learn about the collection value, total asset, floor price, sales, and volume of the artwork. Besides the trending, it also gives insight into the upcoming interesting projects to invest in. if you visit the site, you will find some amazing things like asset value, dropping date, minting price, etc. Besides the tracking, it also enables one to track the current currencies.

7. NFT Stats – Most Used in NFT Tools

nft stats
nft stats tools

As you open the NFT Stats, you will find four main tabs on the top of the site, which lead to the different blocks present on the site. The main page describes the stats of numerous NFT projects. You can find the total number of NFTs sold, their trading volume, and the minting price of getting an NFT. You can also find the top NFTs within the last 24 hours.

Besides the top trending projects, it also makes the user know about the upcoming projects. In this way, you can find a new way to invest and make more money. Besides the trending projects, you can also know about multiple NFT collections. NFT’s sale within the last 24 hours, 7 days, and within 30 days duration. The rarity explorer tab allows you to drill down about the rare projects.

8. Cryptoslam – Spy Nft Tools

cryptoslam nft

The NFT tool Cryptoslam is another main tool to know about the NFT collection ranking. It allows navigating the ranking with a broader window of time. It informs the user of the ranking within 24 hours, one day, a week, and a month.

You can find the information about the sales, changing trends of sales within a day, the number of users who have bought a specific NFT artwork, and Txns. It also informs about the top NFT collectible sales (24 hours). It also helps you to come to know about the upcoming NFT projects. 

9. Dappradar


The Tool DappRadar is one of the best tools to get accurate data about NFT sales. Mainly it explores, manages, and tracks Dapps. It has been among the trusted name the users for years. On the top menubar, you can find the tab of ranking. By following it, you will find the ranking of NFT’s project.

It helps you narrow down your research by enabling you to track NFT in your desired cryptocurrency wallet. You will find information in multiple categories, balance, users, and total volume. You can also check the activity by simply viewing the graph for the same day, last week, and for the whole month. This trend is a better way to understand any NFT project. Multiple categories can track with it, e.g., games, DeFi, gambling, exchange, collectibles, marketplace, social, other, and high risk.

10. Coin Rivet

coin rivet
coin rivet nft tool

This Coin Rivet is an amazing platform with plenty of options other than the NFT. You will remain up-to-date about NFTs, DeFi, Regulations, and more. Coin Revit educates the user about the new crypto events or minting events.

The price of cryptocurrency is highly volatile. The main page informs the user of the most recent multiple currencies price. Besides the price, you can check the trend of price volatility for the last hour, a day, and the whole week. You can also view the list of multiple NFTs and how you can buy a specific NFT from its platform. If you create an account on this site, it will inform you all about the upcoming events, and there is no chance of missing any single NFT event and losing the chance of making money.

Conclusion – NFT Tools

NFT is a highly volatile marketplace. If you are interested in getting rich overnight, it is necessary to track new and trending NFTs. Multiple tools help you to track these NFTs projects. You can make money by following the above multiple best NFT tools to track new and trending NFT tools in 2022. Other than tracking, you can also find multiple side benefits. Just follow the list to find good money in your wallet.

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