7 best nft Courses for begginers

7 best NFT Courses for Beginners: Ultimate NFT Courses

NFT has created its impact in the digital market and is fetching more and more investment shares in the digital market. With increasing popularity, numerous newbies are rushing toward the NFT field. As this is a new addition to the market, scammers are getting an opportunity to make scams with beginners. Many newbies join this field and get a bad experience from the scammers. If you are thinking to jump into the NFT space, then it will be the best to learn prior to investing. Many online courses teach beginners how to begin their journey and make more money. Here are listed 7 best NFT courses, for beginners.

Table of Contents for NFT Courses :

1. Master NFTs in 7 Days– NAS Academy

NFT Guide NAS academy

Price: $249     |           Rating: 4.6     |           Duration: 12 Hours

Master NFTs in 7 Days is an affordable and excellent opportunity for beginners. It teaches about buying, selling, and minting NFTs. Thousands of people have already bought this course and have earned a handsome amount.

It provides a sound basis regarding the overview of NFT besides the scope, step-by-step guide to begin, method to trade your NFTs, various types of NFTs i.e JPGs, Videos, and GIFs, and minting procedure. you will also come to know about how to get avoid being scammed. The course covers all of these topics within 12 hours a week.

The overall rating of this course is 9.2 out of 10. So, it will be a great thing to buy just in $249 and begin your NFT journey.

2. NFT Fundamentals Course–101 Blockchains

Non Fungible Token basics

Rating: 4.7    |         Price: $99    |         Total time: 3 hours

NFT Fundamentals Course is another best NFT course for beginners. The main aim of this course is to deliver in-depth knowledge of NFT. It teaches how to create and sell an NFT. the course included 10 modules. The first consists of the introduction of the NFT and the concept behind it. It will teach you step-by-step procedures for buying, selling, trading, and creating NFTs.

All of the information is covered within 3 hours period. The other key features of this course are bounces and online class events to engage the students. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to get unlimited additional lectures and it also educates beginners about the blockchain.

3. Certified NFT Expert – Blockchain Council

certified nft expert

Rating: 4.7    |         Price: $299 |         Total Time: 5 hours

Blockchain council educates the masses about NFT with an exam-based certified NFT expert course. the main aim of this course is to cover all of the present aspects of NFT in the Ethereum environment. It will teach the complete but comprehensively about the NFTs, smart contracts, applications, exploration of recent trending NFT marketplace, and the difference between fungible and non-fungible assets.

It covers all of the topics within 12 modules of 5 hours. The other great thing about this online course is you can complete it according to your availability. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate, which is valid for a lifetime.

4. NFT 101: Introduction to NFTs – ZTM Academy

nft ZMT academy guide

Rating: 4.6    |         Price: $39/month or $279/year    |         Suitable for: Beginners

NFT 101: Introduction to NFTs, is another the best NFT course, for beginners. Their main focus is to educate about the fundamentals, usage, and a step-by-step guide to create and sell NFT on the famous NFT marketplace OpenSea. The course enlightens the students about smart contracts, various NFT standards, and a complete guide on how to use blockchain wallets such as Metamask.

It teaches all of these things in-depth with detail, which is a great opportunity for beginners. On completion, students are awarded the certificate. The overall rating of this course is 4.6, which is pretty good.

5. NFT Digital Artist Economy – Best of NFT Courses

Non Fungible Token digital artist economy

Rating: 4.5    |         Price: $590 |         Suitability: beginner and professional

NFT digital artist economy is another best course for beginners which teaches art enthusiasts about the creation of their own NFT artwork and sells to earn a commission for their whole life. Besides the artist, it is also suitable for office guys and the media agency team. It enables them to create their own media agency.

Art enthusiasts will learn about the creation of the NFT artwork and transfer it onto the blockchain. You can buy this great opportunity for just $590. You will be awarded certificates on completion.

6. Complete NFT Course Online – Hubpod School

complete nft guide hubpod school

Rating: 4.6    |         Price: $150 |         Suitable: Beginners and professionals

Hubpod school’s complete NFT course online course comprehensively teaches about the NFT. It is specially designed for digital artists, individual curious creators, traders, collectors, and blockchain enthusiasts. It allows asking questions to clear your confusion. 

This interactive session longs for 4-week. While these 4-weeks you will learn about the core concept of NFTs, smart contracts in detail, minting, IPFS storage, investing, selling, and more importantly how to make yourself secure from being scammed. It helps a lot of people and they leave it with an overall 4.6 rating.

7. Easy ways to Create 3d NFT Artworks

nft course

Rating: 4.1    |         Price: $18.99       |     Duration : 2 Hours 3 minute

Nowadays, 3D digital artwork is a hot topic of town in NFT space. The reason for the fame of 3D artwork is the excessive use in games and Metaverse. Usually, people love to use it as a profile picture on social media platforms. 3D artwork requires special skills and these experts are limited in the digital market places. So, get this course to enjoy with a handsome amount for remaining life.

Easy ways to Create 3d NFT Artworks course will enable you to create simple, complex, and 3D models. Prior blockchain design knowledge is not required. This course spans over 15 lectures for a total of 2 hours. Thousands of people have bought this course and left a good impression on the tutor wall, which shows it gives them benefits.

Conclusion for all NFT Courses

All of these courses enlighten you with basic knowledge of NFT & NFT Courses. if you are interested to make more money in less time, then 3D modeling is a great opportunity for you. If you are interested in learning live and online then Complete NFT Course Online – Hubpod School, is a great option for you.

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