Best NFT Marketplaces for Beginners (2022)

In today’s article, I’m going to tell you three NFT platform (NFT Marketplaces), That are best in my opinion for beginners. Now there are a few things you guys have to keep in mind if you’re a beginner getting into NFT in 2022. the first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that it’s a little tough to get your feet off the ground to truly understand what it is you are doing and I’ve made a ton of videos on this and I’ll link one down below in the description if you’re looking to learn more but the idea here is that we’re going to look through platforms that make things a little simpler for those that are looking to just spend some money not a fortune what’s some amount of money on NFT so that being said let’s get right into it.


 the first NFT Marketplace that comes to mind is going to be solenard and this might seem different from a lot of other lists out there because Solenart in my opinion is objectively the best platform you guys could be on right now well why well these projects here, for the most part, are a little bit better than a lot of the other ones on some other solana websites out there unfortunately with magic eaten and digitalized they’re fine platforms there’s nothing wrong with them it’s just they’re a little less vetted in terms of the projects they list they list a little bit more projects and don’t pay as much attention to quality.

nft martketplace

Solenart has a reputation for having some higher quality projects on here and to be honest with you if you were to look through any of these six coming soon projects that are always being listed I would say over 50 percent of them are going to see a surge in price once they are listed on Solenart so if you can snag any of these at mint I would say you’ll probably make a little bit of money once they go live on Solenart now that’s not me endorsing these six projects I have no idea if these are good but the idea here is that hopefully.

If you are paying attention and doing your due diligence you will find some projects that are going live on Solenart and going to be able to profit as best possible now it also makes it very easy to look at different collections available and you guys can of course sort these by volume over the past seven days so it shows you exactly how much solenard has been sent on all of these different projects out there and it gives you an indicator of which ones are performing well.

Open Sea

The next NFT Marketplace I wanted to talk with you guys a little bit about is going to be Open Sea .now Open Sea is in my opinion the most popular crypto platform out there for buying and selling NFTs and for a good reason they have an insane amount of buy and sell volume going on this platform every single day and this is your go-to place for the latest and greatest anything in the nft industry because Ethereum nfts are constantly being launched there’s a gajillion of them that are constantly coming out and if you find the right one you could very easily make a nice profit now the difficult part is having the initial budget to afford some of these projects.

we see a project that decides to do better of course I can never guarantee it but I try to give some insights based on what I see rising on Open Sea so Open Sea is the place to look and find projects that are going to be the next 100x unfortunately with solenart you run into a bit of an issue with the fact that solenart is just smaller in scale the solana nft industry simply isn’t as big as Ethereum so when we’re browsing here on openSea sure a lot of these projects are going to be garbage it’s just the way things work but if you find the right one you could very easily reap a 100x

Where on solana porticos or any other blockchain becomes a little tougher since there’s just not enough money in it to frequently see a hundred x’s now the issues with opensea that i think a lot of people can agree with is the fact that the gas fees for Ethereum are just very very high so if you are looking to buy and sell Ethereum entities you’re going to need a little bit bigger of a budget to start since every time you do it you will have to pay 100 200 in Ethereum which is a lot of freaking money for a picture of a jpeg sometimes I mean it is so definitely again this is a great platform it’s great access to you know the latest and greatest things going on but it is a little bit more daunting to get into you can lose a little bit more money a little faster than some of the other platforms yet I still do think the access that you have is overall worth it 


the final NFT Marketplace I wanted to talk about you guys is rarible. Now the reason why I like variables it has a very clean UI it has some bidding options where you could bid on projects but what I particularly love about Marmoleum is the fact that you could go on here and look at different blockchains at once more specifically have the opportunity to look at the flow and tests nfts so, for example, Bezos is a blockchain that is a lot less popular than solana and Ethereum but the good news is you could get a lot of these tests nfts for a lot cheaper than a lot of other projects out there.

So if you want to spend ten dollars on nft you could do that with a teaso’s nft and in a year or two from now if for whatever reason t-zones pops off you make a heck of a lot of money now again the risk here is going to be higher the chances of success with something like tezos or flow is going to be a lot less but the amount of money you’re putting in is also a lot less so this is definitely something to keep in mind because really all it takes is a few youtube videos or tweets from the right people to send people flocking to something like this now we saw this happen of course with solana and I remember the rise of solenart here um long before all these projects were on here.

I remember looking at solenart at the very very beginning when all they had listed were just a handful of them. So again it does take the right person to mention this and either flow or tests could have a very nice run and again. I think this does make things a little bit easier I think this makes access a little bit better um considering you don’t need to spend an astronomical amount of money to buy your first nft. I think this is a great way to learn the process to get started with wallets and understanding smart contracts and all of that. So if you’re looking for probably the most well-rounded platform with the most amount of variety in terms of budget uh and UI I think wearable does provide that that means everybody thank you guys so much for Reading.

I truly do hope you guys have enjoyed the video if you guys did make sure to drop alike. Subscribe for more daily nft videos and make sure to check out the Patreon down below in the description. If you guys would like to join matt’s nft dojo thank you guys so much as always for watching. My name is matt see you guys at the next one peace:

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