Lana Rhoades NFT Scam

Lana Rhoades NFT Scam

Lana Rhoades NFT Scam the shocking news. Lana Rhodes the adult star just rug pulled her NFT project and ran away with 1.5 million dollars.

Now she’s claiming it’s not her fault. Her community was just getting too negative for her. One of those negative comments was about “how this person can’t feed their kids because they invested it all into a adult star’s jpeg collection”.

Similarly, someone says, “I spent what I can’t lose, spent 4k with no job have a two-year-old son. If only someone bought my Christmas Lana.”

What is Lana Rhoades NFT Scam?

Apparently, Lana Rhodes saw this post and said, “hey this is getting way too negative for me I’m out I didn’t know these people wanted to feed their kids”. She’s too busy feeding her own kid to worry about this situation. When asked about this she said “Yo diapers are expensive” that’s right she needs those 1.5 million dollars.

Now let’s just say what this is from Lana Rhodes to the person who invests their last diamond to it. This is the dumbest story. So, this story is what it seems a star gone influencer offered an investment to her fans. They invested 1.5 million dollars she ran away with the money. If you are unknown to NFT checkout by click on What is NFT?

What is Crypto Sis?

Lana Rhodes started an NFT project full of a bunch of pictures of basically cartoon versions of herself. Lana Rhodes told people she was going to work super hard to basically make this a valuable investment. The NFT project is called crypto sis and according to Lana Rhoades one goal for the project is to increase the value of crypto sis NFTs. While making it a better investment for holders that they can sell for more than they paid to mint. This is basically big beef with this project.

Lana Rhoades NFT Scam

They made it sound like an investment. It was nowhere and it is like hey buy my art clearly. This was something where it was like no people going to make money on this project. She repeats this idea later saying, “the brand plus value will keep growing with every drop”. So, her fans thought this was going to be long-term investment.

Of course, it wasn’t if looking at road map it was pretty clear things were promised that weren’t delivered. For example, in phase two she said decentral land and sandbox wearable will start getting developed. She promised a piece of designated metaverse land would be purchased to create a hangout spot.

Lana Rhoades Excuses

She said 50 lucky crypto sis owners will receive crypto sis merch signed by Lana. Even promising to distribute 5 Ethereum to the top holders and of course one of the biggest things was an exclusive community to speak with Lana Rhodes.

This apparently was their reasoning for having to raise so much money 1.5 million dollars precisely. They weren’t a pump and dump unlike other pump and dump projects. We don’t just plan on stopping after minting so we have to be able to fund all that stuff. So you heard it right there this is a long-term project not a pump and dump but that didn’t happen less than a week. After all this money was raised Lana Rhodes vanished from community and took the money out of the wallet.

1.5 Million Lana Rhoades NFT Scam

Here’s the main wallet withdrawing over 1.5 million dollars in Ethereum out of the project. Her reason things got too negative “the truth as why Lana hasn’t around been, she was very shocked and upset by the amount of negative and rude comments she was seeing in the chat”.

Lana Rhoades NFT Scam include the finding of this part hilarious because check out this discord you can’t imagine a bigger simp army. These guys were not negative and do mean guys by the way. They put their last dollar into this project truth be told and one of them even got like a tattoo of the project logo on them before it rugged. But the point sort of is this wasn’t a negative community at all.

Lana Rhoades NFT Scam

In fact, even after they had been scammed all these people in the community tried to police each other into being nice. So that Lana would come back. Here one of the holders saying,

“How do you want us to keep it respectful. While the whole entire management scammed 6000 people and took their money and left”. and then the one another person responds. “Doesn’t mean you can’t be respectful”.

Community vs Lana Rhoades NFT Scam

Here in Lana Rhoades NFT Scam need to tell you that tells everything need to know is they had just been scammed. Still, you have people in the chat being saying be respectful about it. Honestly, they used this fact that people were upset. They basically got rug pulled to justify then abandoning the project here’s one of the collaborators informing the community of this.

They said “Good morning I chatted to crypto sis about my NFT. Lana isn’t interested in continuing mainly because she felt part of her discord community was cruel. She didn’t want to have to look at comments. That’s right Lana Rhodes doesn’t want to have to look at cruel comments just because you can’t feed your kids.

Mia Malkova – Kickstart NFT

Now doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to get negative on her. Okay by the way yeah that same post that collaborator. They said they’d be releasing their own NFT project in the same sentence. So, they basically said community got scammed and so look out for NFT scam part two. This might be thinking who would fall for this well the same people who bought the first one. Here she said,

“Go show her some love! Let’s prove we are not toxic she can still save us”.

Talking about this person means at this point it’s pretty sad isn’t it you got rug pulled. Instead, about to go into a second rug pull this mean here it is requested to help the community. That’s basically the story what did we learn from this hopefully nothing. Hopefully all of this was obvious to all. If it wasn’t you need to pump the stock honestly?

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