Opensea Hack?

Opensea Hack? What’s going on with opensea everyone it’s NFT. OpenSea’s reported that the perpetrator stole approximately $750K worth of ETH.

This is what I know about Opensea Hack. I don’t have all the information and new information is coming out every second, but I wanted to give you an update and to help you keep safe before going to this. I just want to give you an idea of what going on to help make you able to make a better safety decision.

Stolen NFT’s

Here so what’s been going on is that there have been wallets drained of their NFTs due to the Opensea migration very unconfirmed, but a lot of addresses have seen their NFTs disappear. These are for listings that were manually migrated on Opensea at least that seems to be the reports right now so this was this banner at the top in the above picture where you clicked migrate listings and you manually migrated over.

It’s mainly been one wallet that’s been doing all these transfers. What they’re doing is they’re transferring NFTs for zero dollars. The screenshot below shows the activity page is now currently up for this profile but they’ve gotten ahold of very blue-chip NFTs. A lot of value such as azuki doodles mute navy yacht club there’s also board aviate club in there as well and then they’re flipping it.

There are currently around 500 to 600 each in that wallet. They’ve just been essentially transferring these NFTs for free and then selling them for a 100 profit. There’s been no word on what’s been going on from Opensea at this point in time. Although that’s bound to change as this is an extremely negative scenario for the NFT space with users losing potentially a lot of money.

Opensea Hack? Stolen NFT's Tweet

Opensea Hack Tweet

Here we go to another tweet related to Opensea Hack here for a grand total of seven hundred dollars by 750 in gas. The attacker paid no easter purchased and scooped up four Azuki’s, two Coolman’s two, doodles, and two Kaijukings. This was around an hour ago and the wallet has taken much more. Since then, everyone’s been worried and thinking what to do. This is what’s being recommended to do for Metamask wallet.

 It’s essentially you want to go to this Ether scan here link upon Metamask. So, this is the token approval checker where you can see all the contracts that the wallet has given permission to and so you want to scroll through all these tabs. This is a public wallet for demonstration purposes so there are no contracts associated with it but essentially there’s going to be a little revoke button. You just want to revoke all access there for the ERC 721 and ERC 115 contract. Then in the ERC 20 tab if you have the x2 y2 token there use the revoke button on it and process the transaction. So those are the recommended three steps there so ERC 20 xy2 token anything in erc2721 and anything in ERC 115.

Metamask Guide

It’s not exactly clear right now too if hardware protects the NFTs fully these are hardware wallets, but it seems that most people are agreeing right now that has to do with if you manually migrated, you’re listing from Opensea. So, this information is very fluid right now and there’s a lot of new information coming out all the time and it seems to be mostly affecting blue-chip NFT projects. So, ones with a high amount of value as a hacker can get the most money possible in a short amount of time with the least number of transfers.

Opensea hack NFT Guide

Anyways Opensea Hack is a very crazy situation and it’s sad to see in the NFT space. But everyone stays safe and careful. Please, make sure you follow these steps as this seems to be the recommended guide by quite a few people right now. I’m not a security analyst or security expert in any way especially when it comes to blockchain here so none of that is recommended advice. This seems to be a general principle or the general guide that most people are passing around.

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