How to Create and Launch a Pixel Art NFT

Pixel Art NFT | How to Create and Launch?

What is Pixel Art?

Pixel Art NFT is a digital art drawn in software with the exclusive placement of pixels.

What is Pixel Art NFT?

Pixel art in NFT marketplace got its initial boom with the release of Crypto punks in 2017. It was the project of larva labs which released 10000 Crypto Punk tokens in various contracts.

How To create a Pixel Art

The process to make a pixel is simple and does not require professional level of skills to start.

The steps are listed to create a your own nft collection.

Choose a Software for Pixel Art NFT

There are multiple options from which you can choose the suitable software for you. The most popular software’s which is most popular among the artists are listed below.

1.      Aseprite

Aseprite is a well known software used solely for the purpose of creating a pixel art. The reason of its popularity among artist is of its easy to use interface and its capability to perform high level tasks easily.

How to make pixel art through Aseprite

2.      Photoshop

Adobe photoshop is one of the best software that are available. It is not used for making pixel art, but it is also very reliable option for graphic designing and digital art. It offers all kind of tools required to create digital art.

How to make Pixel art through Adobe Photoshop

3.      iDraw

iDraw is the vector graphics editor it is one of most used graphics edition software. The reason for its popularity is because of its widgets and tools it provide to edit even very small details.

How to make pixel art through iDraw

Source the Base File

The next after choosing the  software is to select the base file or the basic theme on which you want to make your images. For instance if you are creating your collection which looks like a whale so you will choose a photo of a whale to select as a base file. Once you select the base file crop and edit it to remove unneccary or irrelevent parts from background.

Make an outline of Image

After selecting your base file start making an outline to make a ruff sketch of your desired image and keep experimenting until you make your desired result. The most important part of making pixel art is to make a perfect borders so keep working until you match the perfect result.

Finalize Image

Once done with making outline put all the detials in  your art like eyes, nose, etc. Fill the image with your desired colours and with optimum colour grading.

Making Layers

The next step is to make multiple layers of different components. This will later be merged together on various rarity insignia to differentiate it with other images. The layers can contain multiple images of sprite or different items that hold it holds with itself in different images.

Final Image

Hurrah! finally product is done and ready for launch first pixel art.

Choose a Blockchain

Now once you finalized your art next step is to select the block chain in which you want to upload your collection. The most popular blockchains among the NFT creators are Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain.

Selecting Digital Wallet & Market Place

First selecting digital wallet to launch NFT art. While proceeding with transactions Digital Wallet is required. If someone don’t already own a wallet first create a digital wallet. The most used options for digital wallets include Metamask, Coin base, Alpha Wallet.

After creating wallet the next step is to create NFT. For this purpose you must choose a suitable marketplace for your collection. The top market places that are currently available OpenSea, Radible, SuperRare, Foundation, Axie Marketplace and many more.

Various market places require different amount of intial gas fee to procede with further transactions.

Set-up the Minting Process for Pixel Art NFT

Now when you upload your art on market place now it’s the process to decide how you will sell your nft. There are three basic selling options depending on the marketplace

1.      Fixed Price

In this option the person who wants to buy the nft at asked price will get the nft.

2.      Timed Auction

In this option you can give a time limit to persons who are willing to buy you nft to place their bids.

3.      Untimed Auction

In this option there is no time limit for auction but you have the authority to end the auction at any time.

This is whole process of creating a Pixelated NFT collection and uploading it on marketplace.

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