Top 10 Celebrities that hold NFTs

Top 10 Celebrities that hold NFTs

Welcome to Global NFT. Top 10 Celebrities that hold NFTs. Discover how celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Paris Hilton are embracing in NFT world.

Let’s head into Top 10 Celebrities that hold NFTs.

1. Snoop Dogg

The number one Snoop Dogg’s 17 million dollar collection. He is first on this list of NFT collectors. It’s none other than the famous rapper Snoop Dogg although he frequently surprises people with his many hidden talents. Snoop Dogg really threw the world for a loop through his announcement. When he announced that he has an NFT collection that is currently worth over 17 million dollars in Ethereum. This is not surprising perhaps it’s the makeup of his collection.

According to an interview it contains nine Crypto Punks which are uniquely generated in collectible characters. 10 me bits which are 3d characters produced by the makers of Crypto Punks and few different pieces of artwork called art blocks. He purchased all these choosing to reveal his collection to the public later.

While Snoop Dogg isn’t just buying up NFTs he’s also creating them. He has his own brand of collectible NFTs that hit the market earlier this year and has also recently announced a partnership with the in famous Nyan Cat.

2. Marshmello

Marshmello here comes number two in the list. Since traded up to a Crypto Punk avatar for his twitter profile pick but he ate into the board apes in September with a rainbow twite. NFT purchased for nearly 220000 dollars’ worth of Ethereum at the time marshmallow has tweeted about cryptos as well.

3. Chainsmokers DJ

Number three the Chainsmokers DJ and producing duo. The chain smokers have been in the crypto space for a while investing in startups. They ate into a board ape NFT in September at a price of about 210000$. They’re on hiatus and haven’t tweeted since early 2020 but that didn’t stop them from changing their twitter avatar to the board ape.

4. Stephen Curry

Number four Stephen Curry. Many of the celebrities on this list are creating their own NFTs. NBA star Stephen curry has decided to go all out to buy one big one. While on August 28, 2021, it was reported that he purchased a board ape club NFT for 198 000 or 55 Ethereum like Steve Harvey. He updated his twitter profile picture to feature the image of the NFT ape purchased. Who is proudly wearing a tweed jacket? The tweed jacket is a trait that only occurs in one percent of the ten thousand board ape club NFTs.

The most surprisingly after his NFT purchase people donated 58 other NFTs to the NBA star. Why it’s unclear but he now owns several other novel NFTs. This including a drawing of his famous ape as of the writing of this article the board 8 yacht club is the 5th largest NFT project on the market. This is in part because of the high collectability of the apes. The fact that you get invited into a secret club when you purchase one of the NFT.

5. Jimmy Fallon

The number 5 is Jimmy Fallon. The tonight show host Jimmy Fallon revealed a top selling NFT artist beeple. Recently that he had aped into the collection and then on Friday revealed his purchase. Board ape number 599 it was purchased for about 194 thousand dollars’ worth of Ethereum. In early November and Fallon showcased the image to his 51 million twitter followers by writing permission to come aboard. Now he says he’s looking into mutant apes as well.

6. Naomi Osaka

The number 6 is Naomi Osaka. Whether she’s serving an ace in tennis snagging a partnership or starting a new venture. Naomi Osaka is all about making an impact. Tennis superstars’ entry into NFTs was serration of original artwork for mental health initiatives and her charity play academy. She currently serves on the advisory board for autograph. A NFT platform launch and co-founded by tom brady. The platform has seen collections released from the greats of sports. This includes herself with Osaka’s passion for art and devotion to enraging her fans. It’s safe to say that the world can expect another NFT collection from her soon.

7. Jay-Z

The number 7 Jay-Z. It’s no secret that Jay-Z has been becoming well-versed in making crypto moves. The mogul released his first NFT for his iconic debut album. The reasonable doubt the NFT auctioned on sold that buys for 189 000. Jay-Z always aims to keep his character contributions in alignment with the times and with his business track record. Its possible fans can expect more digital artwork on the way.

8. Method Man

The number 8 Method Man. The hip-hop icon took a more creative approach with his debut NFT collection. The first installment of his comic series title world for its launch he teamed up with flo blockchain. The toon goes his entering to the comic universe is also great news for his fans because the series will also include unreleased music from the wonton clan rapper. Seeing how the venture will play out will be an exciting one to watch.

9. Doja Cat

Now the number 9 is Doja cat. Doja cat is one of the latest celebrities to join the space. She’s already been making big waves. The pop star’s need to know single edition crystal token sold for 188 888 dollars. This became the largest auction item in taco’s history before breaking records. Those who joined the NFT music platform won off to make her collections accessible based on how her debut kicked off. Fans should anticipate greener friendly NFTs coming their way.

10. Lindsay Lohan

The last in Top 10 Celebrities that hold NFTs is Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan controversial star Lindsay Lohan came out swaying by securing aboard ape yacht club NFT in august 2021.  As previously reported by Aerotech it’s one of the most highly bought after collections. She bought an NFT for 100 000 less than a month later Lohan took an even more giant step into the cryptocurrency world. After being named a Global NFT ambassador in a long-term partnership with the company.

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