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NFT Rarity tools | Top 14 NFT Rarity Tools to Find Hidden Gems

Despite the confusion at the start of 2022, there are openings to earn a profit for nearly all, even for the traders who mainly trusted old-style crypto. The crypto experts must learn about NFT and the top NFT Rarity tools. They are just like beginners to Opensea, another rare tool requiring intensive education.

It is essential to use tools and choices for coining money. Your competitive edge over other buyers will be significantly enhanced due to these tools, which can help you make more money.

These tools can aid you in creating NFTs quicker and also performing accurate calculations to find out the Rarity of specific NFTs, both of which can save you time and money. They can also aid you in identifying mispriced items and boost you to make a secret mission at your edge.

Let’s discuss the top Nft rarity tool in this blog.

Table of Contents for NFT Rarity tools


The NFT Rarity rank is a score that tells the amount of unique an item that is non-fungible! The more scarce an NFT is greater its worth will become quite simple! NFTs with the highest rarity score are sought-after and have the highest value!

Top 14 NFT Rarity tools in 2022


DappRadar is considered an authentic source for monitoring how well NFT collections are. In addition, they created an NFT portfolio tracker in 2020, which offered users an easy way to track Ethereum accounts in real-time. In entering your Ethereum wallet address, or ENS addresses, customers will get detailed information on their Ethereum tokens and their NFT account balance.

  • This is an excellent alternative if you are looking for NFT rarity tools to aid you in tracking the portfolio on an individual basis.
  • DappRadar offers the highest popular NFTs that are trending based on various timeframes.
  • It provides Complete details on the traders, sales, and volumes of any NFT collection readily available.

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Trait Sniper- NFT Rarity tool

Trait sniper is one of the few rarity checkers that comes with a Chrome extension, an application, and an online blog. It’s a trading platform that helps you find undervalued NFTs. It is possible to use their application to search NFTs by rank, trait, and price. You can then get all the information you require before investing!

However, here’s the catch deciding to be part of the platform is contingent upon paying an annual subscription cost. You can choose from two packages (the Alpha and Genesis) ranging from 0.3 to 3 ETH.

Open sea

This is the world’s biggest and most well-known NFT market tool. NFT sales are made more accessible through NFT rarity ratings based on volumes, floor prices, and other variables.  OpenSea Check out the most popular collections of the time.

 This can be used to see which groups are in the news and make an informed choice; characters’ features and their Rarity categorise NFTs. However, their rank as a whole (or rarity score) isn’t accessible. Using OpenSea for an NFT rarity tool is an excellent method of tracking and analysing your investments in digital art.

nft rarity tools
Global NFT Rarity Tools

ChainWitcher Reliability Tool

The most recent available is ChainWitcher NFT rare tool. While it’s not a new addition to the market, it has undoubtedly earned its place on this list because it is a highly effective tool! It provides a complete overview of the NFT rarity scores and then compares them with other NFTs. It’s easy to use and will make your experience with non-fungibles much more enjoyable!

You can search for projects by ID, name, and project characteristics. If you want to make it even more, select when it is up for auction or sale. You can also set your budget! It’s a simple, straightforward, and highly efficient tool.

NFT rarity

It’s among the most original NFT rarity tools that double as an extension for Chrome! They’re also among the rare online rarity checkers that can cover Polygon NFT collections. Even the overall experience of the tool is different from the others listed within this listing. 

When you click on the collection you wish to look at, you’ll need to locate the NFT you prefer. After that, you’ll be directed to another page where you’ll see information about the NFT rareness score, the ranking, and other properties. Additionally, it allows you to purchase it from various NFT marketplaces!

Sniffers with Rarity

The tool is primarily made up of Ethereum and is an NFT checker. However, given that the most popular NFTs are located on the Ethereum chain, it’s not a problem!

The NFT system for determining NFT rarity. This is slightly different from Rarity Tools. So, don’t be too surprised when you see some scores have been altered! Using it is similar to the process you’ve used before. Click on the collection, select the NFT and check the score with the sniffer’s tool. Here is the link

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Icy. tools

Icy. tools include an online tool that is part of the Trending Collection, which recently features several NFTs in the news. If you have your wallet linked, you’ll be able to sort the rankings for the past 30 minutes. You will also find all the data about NFTs in the Leaderboard, including pricing, the volume at which sales are made, and the average price.

One of the great things about this software is its easy-to-use interface, which makes NFT research accessible for anyone new to the field. In addition, you can locate addresses for wallets of the most popular sellers and buyers in the Discover Tab. If you join Icy Premium, you will receive detailed information on every collection.

Etherscan Token Tracker

Etherscan isn’t just a block browser but also a token tracking tool for the entire Ethereum-based coin and an entrance point to token contracts based on ERC-721. In Ethereum, NFTs are created using the ERC-721 standard, and Etherscan reports 21669 tokens that meet the ERC-721 standard at the time of writing.

Recently, additional capabilities were introduced to the NFT toolset, which includes details about NFT minting distribution, transfers, and prices. Most tools utilize the Etherscan APIs to examine the data further and give the user additional valuable information.


With a vital instrument like NFTBank, you can get instant insights into investments which is a massive appeal to NFT investors. In the information presented in the report, among other things, there is a report on activities, ROI, and expenditure. NFT Bank is an excellent tool for managing portfolios for people who want to control NFT ownership.

One of the unique features of the NFT tool includes speed

  • It’s much quicker than the other
  • simple usability, user-friendly interfaces, NFT Analytics, and portfolio tracking.
  • Its “Analysis as well as Signals” is a helpful tool to assist users in identifying new opportunities to invest in NFT investment.
  • It gives indicators that help investors learn about the market and to follow the portfolios of others.

CryptoSlam- NFT Rarity tools

This platform is an excellent NFT tool for conducting analysis and research on non-fungible coins. Each NFT series goes with an old page outlining the most recent sales and coining activities.

It’s CryptoSlam rating NFT tool is equipped with all the parameters you would need in the NFT tool,

  • Including NFT sales,
  • floor price transactions,
  • the volume of transactions,
  • owner count, and much more.

 The platform also includes an entire section dedicated to NFT Rarity’s purpose, offering the users a comprehensive overview of every non-fungible token.

NFT Stats

NFT Stats is an easy-to-use analysis top Nft rarity tool available on the internet. It gives a basic overview of NFT collections. The NFT ranking includes trending groups along with rarity ranking and sale volume.

Users can utilize this specific NFT system to examine the most popular NFT collections sold in the past 24 hours, seven days, and the last 30 days.

Moby- top Nft rarity tool

Although Moby might not be the most popular, it’s a great NFT monitoring tool. Getting live NFT information and feeds is possible using Moby’s platform. Moby is an excellent application to NFT investors, helping monitor their assets. By restricting the time frame to 10 minutes or 60 minutes, or 24 hours, investors can start taking action on their investments more quickly.

Moby comes with Moby has a Pro version that provides access to all charts of data and the well-known NFT analysis tools.

Rarity. tools

This is a most used instrument to assess the rareness of an NFT. Tools. NFTs are classified based on their rarity traits in real-time. If you filter by the average price and total sales volume owners count or the top collections, you’ll be able to discover NFTs that match the criteria you’re seeking. Additionally, the website features an easy and appealing interface that makes finding rare trait items simple. Here is the Tool Link

You can sort the NFTs listed on Rarity. Tools according to their collections, their average price, and even the volume of ETH. On the NFT collections page, you will find the total rarities for this particular collection.


NFT tools have been around for a long time to discover chances on the market. was among the first to introduce this feature in 2013. Its NFT analyzer tool for wallets lets users look at a scoreboard that displays the highest-performing NFT wallets based on how much money was generated. The results of the research can help improve managing assets and future planning.

The application can also function as a Wallet and Investment Tracker.

  • Nansen provides complete information about ERC-20 tokens, including the cost of minting and the other NFT fee for shops.
  • Also, it provides real-time analyses of the owner of each project, making it easy to find and analyze the ERC-20 tokens.

Final Take

Because many of the Nft rarity tools are free, it shouldn’t make sense to visit multiple websites before deciding to purchase or keep an NFT. Investing in NFTs as a tradeable asset is risky at this stage in their growth because they are in the initial stages of expansion.

Before you make any financial decisions, it is suggested to make sure you do your research regarding the topic. There is a chance that they could be unstable. In the recent few years, NFTs have become more well-liked.

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