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NFT games | Top 5 NFT games 2022:

NFT games are available in a variety of styles and genres, making it difficult to choose which one to play. Some are simple monster-raising role-playing games, while others are complex tactical simulations. They aren’t all ‘play-to-earn,’ though; some are just for fun.

NFT games can be difficult to comprehend due to their wide range of genres, as well as the complexity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. You may learn more about NFT gaming in our guide to NFT gaming or learn more about NFTs in our general guide to this innovative technology.

NFT games differ from conventional experiences in that objects purchased or earned can be sold or exchanged for real money within and possibly between games. The NFT’s themselves can be used as a part ownership in the game.

Many games, both graphically and technically, are still in their early stages, but there are some intriguing stories being told that wonderfully integrate with some of the bigger philosophical and technical aspects of cryptography. Let’s have a look at the top NFT games available right now and soon.


01.The Sandbox: The NFT game

Best NFT game for Minecraft players.


Developer: The Sandbox

Genre: Game creation and play

Token: SAND and LAND


  • Build, play and trade games and assets
  • Stylish voxel-based visuals
  • It’s a metaverse platform


  • Still in Alpha stage

The Sandbox is one of the most popular NFT games, even though it is more of a creation platform than a game. Consider The Sandbox to be an NFT-powered Minecraft or Roblox where you can both play and create games and content. Only in The Sandbox can you own your inventions and may sell and exchange them using the SAND token on the internal marketplace.

Game mode is the opposite side of The Sandbox, where you may create your own universe by adding games and activities and creating a metaverse within The Sandbox. You may play games, explore other people’ worlds, and import material into your own. The LAND token governs this, and it also allows players to vote on new features, tools, and The Sandbox’s direction.

The Sandbox’s Voxel-visuals are approachable and reminiscent to Minecraft, but there’s a lot more you can do with it — and you control it. It’s fascinating to see as gamers’ plots blend with those of other players to form large swaths of blocky, colourful countries. Major companies, like AMC’s The Walking Dead, are lined up to collaborate and appear in The Sandbox, similar to Fortnite.


02. Gods Unchained

The NFT game for fans of Magic: The Gathering


Developer: Immutable

Genre: Card fighter

Token: GODS


  • Places skill ahead of NFT values
  • Trade cards on Immutable X
  • Free to play


  • The rules are a little complex

Former Magic: The Gathering Arena game director Chris Clay is leading Gods Unchained, so it’s no surprise that this free-to-play NFT card warfare game has a lot in common with Wizards of the Coast’s successful tabletop version.

The goal, like MtG Arena, is to combat other players using cards and combinations of cards. Each card has its own attributes, strengths, and weaknesses that must be understood and exploited. It’s a well-designed strategic game in which excellent players can win, and the worth of your hand isn’t necessarily the most important factor.

Gods Unchained thrives because it is free, rewards talent, and incorporates new game mechanics. Cards may be purchased and traded for real money on the crypto marketplace Immutable X as well as in-game as GODS tokens. GODS tokens may also be used to merge and upgrade cards in order to produce rare new versions, as well as to purchase card packs.


03. DeFi Kingdoms

An NFT game for pixel art fans


Developer: DeFi Kingdoms

Genre: RPG

Token: JEWEL


  • It looks and plays like a 16-bit game
  • Seamless use of NFTs


  • No free to play option

DeFi Kingdoms is one of the first games that really harness the value of NFTs and combine it with classic fantasy pixel imagery, based on Harmony, a sustainable blockchain. This game has the appearance of a 90s SNES role-playing game or a current indie, similar to Harvest Moon.

DeFi Kingdoms combines the underlying functionality of NFTs with conventional game design to demonstrate how they may be utilised in games. DeFi Kingdoms may be played like a vintage RPG, including quests for XP and stuff, in-game resource management, and hero development. However, in DeFi Kingdoms, it collects JEWEL tokens, which may be exchanged for the Harmony One cryptocurrency.

As a result of DeFi Kingdoms’ methodology, it’s able to use storytelling and lore to communicate difficult NFT and decentralised crypto concepts to people. DeFi Kingdoms is a portal to the NFTs, however there is no free access to play (as yet).

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04. Axie Infinity | NFT games

The NFT game for Pokémon fans


Developer: Axie

Genre: Monster breeding

Token: AXS


  • Value of Axies can go up
  • It’s a visual treat
  • How also free to play


  • Value of Axies can go down

NFT gaming was made famous by Axie Infinity. This monster-breeding RPG proved that NFT games can be successful, rewarding, and, most importantly, entertaining. The concept is simple: nurture a pet Axie and breed it to produce generations of animals with features from their family. Axies can be collected and traded in-game or on NFT marketplaces, with uncommon kinds fetching high prices.

Quest, player-versus-player (PVP) combat, and Adventure are among the game’s basic modes; each generates Smooth Love Potion (SLP), the game’s utility currency, which is used to pay for Axie breeding. Axie Infinity is a ‘regular’ game in many aspects, akin to Pokémon or Digimon.

However, because your Axies are stored on a blockchain, their rarity and worth may be used to make actual cash. NFT games are recognised for their play-to-earn approach, which may be beneficial when values rise but not so much when they fall. To counteract the game’s commercial forces, Axie Infinity currently includes a free-to-play model similar to Elder Scrolls Online, in which users can join without having to pay, but their Axies’ development is limited.

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05. Treeverse

The NFT game that will appeal to mainstream gamers


Developer: Endless Clouds HQ

Genre: RPG

Token: ROOT and SEED


  • Quality anime visual style
  • Triple-A gameplay and production
  • Experienced talent involved


  • Not yet released

Treeverse is still in production, but parts of this NFT game are now accessible; you may purchase ‘Timeless’ characters that will be useful in the Treeverse realm. The game offers a large open world to explore, combining fantasy and science fiction MMORPGs with MOBA-style action — multiplayer online battle arenas.

Slay animals, create unique weapons, establish guilds, defeat dungeons… fish. Treeverse is striving towards Triple-A accessibility. Treeverse’s pitch is that it will be more play-and-earn than play-to-earn. Inside the crypto world, there is already a lot of excitement. As a writer, Ric Galbraith, renowned for his work on Cycle of the Shroom and Punks Comics, has been enlisted. While stories and characters may be purchased while the game is still in development (and the game has a $25 million initial investment fund), one thing is certain: the art is top-notch. The Timeless character drawings are completely handmade and stunning, drawing heavily on anime themes

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