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NFT Play to Earn Games | Top 5 Games

NFT Play to Earn Games are here. This article is going to take over the top 5 free-to-play NFT games. Play games to earn through NFT.

This knowledge allow visitor to download any of game right now after reading this content.

5 – Forest Knight

The number five game on the list Forest Knight.

Forest knight is a turn-based game. This game has a full-on in-game economic system built on token standards. The game has a huge map filled with versatile lands creatures. There’s fun stuff to which explore user goals. Here is to pass levels crash ministers and raise your EXP as much as possible.

When player reach the sixth level. Now it will allow the ability to participate in PVPs with real users. Each mission gamer complete it will give NFT and useful objects as a reward.

The game covers over 100 items and more yet to come. Knight token is the official marketplace currency.

Following the success of Axey infinity scholarships. The game will also allow players to rent out NFTs to other Knights.

4 – Coin Hunt World: NFT Play to Earn Game

Top 4 NFT Play to Earn Games: Coin Hunt World
Coin Hunt World

Here is number four Coin Hunt World.

Coin Hunt World is a Pokémon go-like game. Where gamer need to look for bitcoin and Ethereum around your city with the help of a digital map and look for the blue keys. Once gamer have enough blue keys then gamer can use them to open blue vaults.

Blue vaults which prompt a trivia question. Gamer will need to answer these questions correctly to earn rewards. Once gamer answer correctly it will pay off reward with Bitcoin and Ethereum. This game allows easy withdraw of the cryptocurrency through Coin Hunt World’s wallet.

Coin Hunt is currently in beta on iOS and fully released on android.

Coin Hunt world it’s not the kind of game you’re going to stay at home to play. So, download the game and roam around the city to earn some bitcoin and Ethereum.

3 – Plant vs Undead: NFT Play to Earn Game

Top 3 NFT Play to Earn Games: Plant vs Undead
Plant vs Undead

Showing the number three Plant versus undead.

Plant vs undead is an NFT is multiplayer tower defense game. Where players must come up with a strategic plan to eliminate undead monsters from invading.

Plant vs undead allows player NFT garden in each wave inspired by the old school video game Plant vs Zombie.

The creators intend to create comparable gameplay using non-fungible token NFT on Binance. The smart chain technology securing all transactions data via blockchain PVU token is the official in-game currency.

One of the currencies under the Binance smart chain it is used as money in the marketplace for trading in-game NFT assets. Plants and land plots for planting trees. It can be transferred between players on a private chat room. The players can either swap tokens with USD or exchange them for light energy LE.

The light energy (le) is another planet versus undead currency. It cannot be exchanged for USD but players can exchange them too. But players can collect to exchange for PVU tokens instead.


Top 2 NFT Play to Earn Games: SPLINTERLANDS

Number two NFT Play to Earn Games is SPLINTERLANDS

The SPLINTERLANDS are a free-to-play blockchain-based trading card game. This game based on hive blockchain the game functionalities enable users to play and trade with NFT based cards of different kinds. It is basically a card trading NFT game where players with similar rankings are matched up for a shot at glory.

The winner gets to earn more sets of cards which can be sell out on an NFT marketplace for crypto. All players receive base cards when they join. Player can also get more potent cards by purchasing booster packs. Also buying from a willing card seller on the platform’s marketplace.

The players can also earn and unlock cards by winning matches daily quests or seasonal rewards. It’s a perfect game to start.  It is because there are no consequences for losing ranked matchups. The beginners have no big stakes to lose, and it does not require any cryptocurrency knowledge to play.

The game to date the game has issued alpha cards, beta cards, promo cards, reward cards, untamed cards, and dice cards.

All of these have been sold out.

However, it is planning to launch a new set of cards that will accommodate more users in the game. If you want a full guide on any of these games. So, leave a comment with the name of the game and we’ll bring a detailed guide in our next article.

Let’s move on to the next game in the list. This is also the top game in the list number one.

1 – Thetan Arena: NFT Play to Earn Game

Thetan Arena
Thetan Arena

1 – Thetan Arena with over 5 million mobile downloads.

Top NFT Play to Earn Games Thetan Arena is rapidly growing and positioned to become one of the top plays to earn games. Thetan arena is an esports MOBA and battle royal game. The game revolves around the combination of individual skills and teamwork.

The player will start the game with three random heroes. The player will use against other heroes on the battlefield. These heroes can be upgraded to increase the amount of gTHC earned and character stats. Each hero has a maximum limit of theater coins. This coin can be earned per battle per day which is dependent on the rarity of the hero.

Player can also buy different heroes NFT from the marketplace to earn more theater coins gTHC. Player can equip heroes with skills that are available in the game. There are a set of skills already unlocked when the game starts. Player can unlock more by buying from the shop or a reward.

Now if you haven’t played the game before and are interested in MOBA or crypto. This might just be the game for you.

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